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The future is already here!
Founder of A1.express
Max Salo
For 6 years of managing the Maxima-Express logistics company, I have learned the main thing: to understand the needs of my online store customers.
I am glad that I was able to implement all my developments and ideas in A1.express.
I am sure you will appreciate the reliability, speed and cost of A1.express services
About A1 Company
A1.express is an IT company in the field of logistics.
We borrowed the experience of such successful global technology companies as Uber in the taxi market, Airbnb and Booking in the real estate booking market, which allowed us to develop unique solutions at the level of:

- integration of logistics infrastructure elements (warehouse, highway, courier service);
- automation of order tracking along the entire route, up to delivery to your client;
- automation of accounting;

Reducing the cost of processing and maintenance of the orde
allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of delivery for your company.
The basis of A1.express is an IT platform that unites network structures for receiving and issuing shipments for online stores. The platform allows an unlimited number of disparate networks to work in a single information field that provides a common information space, which allows billing and processing with an unlimited number of participants.
Our Business Areas
Delivery of orders in Russia.
Pick-up and packing of shipments.
Minimum insurance.
Integration modules for CMS.
Integration via API.
Do you want to deliver more orders?
The traffic exchange program with delivery services will allow you to get rid of inconvenient orders, save on the number of couriers and increase your profit.
Open your own service-point A1.
The point of delivery of orders of online stores.
Ticket sales in all directions.
Acceptance of parcels and express mail.
Sale of CTP, CASCO, VMI insurance.
Packing, sorting, storage.
Feedback from our customers
  • Tatiana Kinaeva
    We cooperate with A1.express since October 2021. Excellent service professional staff. I have been trading on Walberries and Ozone for more than a year, I have been taking orders to Allibry reception points, the most profitable option is to send 5-10 orders a day to FBS for sellers like me.
  • Victoria Gritsenko
    Last year, in the summer, the salary was greatly reduced. The service has become a serious help in our family.
  • Olga Krivtsova
    Awesome project, why no one has done it before, all services can be ordered from one window. No need to register on different sites, no need to go to the accounting department and beg for cash every time, one bill to pay for all services!
  • Catherine Stoff
    We have been using the company's services for more than three months. I order couriers and tickets from this company almost every day. Previously, for payment, I had to receive cash at the cash desk, deposit it to the card, and then pay for the service, and now I order any service, and payment comes from our company's account. Beauty!!!
  • Alexey Uspensky
    We have a small startup. There is not enough time for everything, we regularly order delivery of our goods and food to the office. Everything is always on time, very responsible employees and service in general.
    And also on the card, every month additional income arrives)) I advise everyone!
  • Olga Panchuk
    I am very pleased with this service, I am an accountant and I also run a household. purchases, I began to save a lot of time, I order everything in one place, without tedious registrations, and accounting is generally super, I only check monthly in my personal account, press the button to agree and that's it, all reports are in electronic form without papers! Everything is clear and precise, thank you!
Ample opportunities for the growth of logistics and online business.
Convenient and unified personal account.
24/7 call center (round-the-clock support).
Smooth interaction with the Russian Post and the largest delivery services.
Efficient and optimal transport logistics processes.
Tracking orders and couriers.
Integration with CMS and ERP through a single API.
Cash collection through a network of terminals.
Automation of routine processes and route allocation.
Transparent, profitable and convenient working conditions.
The BEST work with us !
Opening of a warehouse in Moscow for Chinese sellers. Connecting sellers Aliexpress.com.
Max Salo about the sale of Maxima-Express: "Try to take the place of an online store".
E-Pepper, Max Salo: "It is necessary that all processes are controlled by a robot".
E-Pepper: "A1.express will take the goods to GETT Taxi".
The beginning of cooperation with Gett Taxi.
Forbes: "How a startup managed to enter the express delivery market". Start of cooperation with ToDayDelivery.
2nd place according to the jury of the Conference "BIG TURNOVER 2017" nomination “The last mile”.
Opening of a warehouse in Shenzhen. Start of a project with ULMART for the delivery of parcels from China.
Start of cooperation with Beru.ru. We opened delivery to 33 cities
of Russia the next day.
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